Rev. Myoei Centanni-Sachs, Acupuncturist & Herbalist in El Cerrito, San Francisco & Santa Clara

Rev. Myoei Centanni-Sachs, Acupuncturist & Herbalist in El Cerrito, San Francisco & Santa Clara

Treating a patient in Xuwen, China with clinic aides assisting and M.Sc students.

Treating a patient in Xuwen, China with clinic aides assisting and M.Sc students.


Rev. Myoei Centanni-Sachs

Buddhist Priest & M.Sc in Traditional Chinese Medicine

I enjoy working with people who know their life and their world are dependent upon one another. Can you see how your environment supports you or harms you? How work thoughts, feelings, and lifestyle contribute to your overall sense of ease or deep discomfort? Do you believe your choices have power to affect you internally and externally?

It is these questions that brought me to study Buddhism, eventually ordaining as a priest in the Tendai denomination of Buddhism rooted in Kyoto, Japan. One of the main tenets of Buddhism is impermanence as well as interdependence. The methods behind acupuncture and herbal medicine express this reality as well. To further this integration, I am currently as Master's of Divinity student at Starr King School for the Ministry- a multifaith seminary that focuses on educating for counter oppression and regenerative communities.

Sessions with me may be a combination of acupuncture, herbal medicines in a variety of forms, energy healing, lifestyle recommendations or lending an ear to questions of the self in relationship to suffering, contentment, gratitude and the madness of our world.  Outer health must include a component of inner reflection and the cultivation of 'shen' or spiritual self. All beings have to reconcile sickness and their mortality, it is our level of contentment and ease that we do it with which makes the biggest difference.

Deepening the ability to address patient’s short and long-term needs is an ongoing effort.  In addition to completing a Master's in Science of Traditional Chinese Medicine, I am a practitioner at the office of Dr. Erlene Chiang, a 3rd generation traditional Chinese medicine oncology specialist.  Under her mentoring, I am focusing on the acupuncture and herbal treatment of cancer and autoimmune cases. She is currently my advisor for the completion of my Doctorate in Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine.

Additionally, I have completed clinical internships and training at the Guangzhou First Affiliated Hospital- focusing on digestive disorders, weight loss, dermatology and facial paralysis.

Of particular interest is improving the well being of people living with chronic disease, digestive, or immune issues as well as supportive care for cancer treatment .  L

I trained as a Tendai Buddhist priest, first under the late Rev.Keisho Leary at the California Tendai Buddhist Monastery. Currently I am the student of Rev.Dr. Ryoei Tyler of Kongosan Eigenji temple (Sacramento) and the Hawaii Tendai Buddhist Mission. The focus of my dharma (spiritual) practice and teaching is developing inner vision and insight through the experiential practices of chanting, mountain walking and fire ceremonies.  Previously, I have lead 3-month, 10 day, 7 day group meditation retreats and have served as a meditation and spiritual counselor at Tibetan Buddhist retreat centers in India & Nepal.


Health & Medical Education

Clinical Experience

Other Education  

  • Yoga Teacher: Hatha, Ashtanga and Dharma Mittra styles
  • Harm Reduction Training, West Coast Harm Reduction Training Institute
  • Former Buddhist monk in the Tibetan-Gelugpa tradition. Tushita Retreat Center, India. .
  • Professionally trained in Mongolian Contortion, San Francisco Circus Center, CA
  • Buddhist priest through Kongosan Eigen-ji, & California Tendai Learning Center, Sacramento, CA
  • Qi Gong, Dr.Suzanne Daju Freidman