QI GONG  is ‘life energy skill’. Practicing qi gong is coordinated movements, intention, and breath. These three elements are coordinated so that we can bring more of our presence and attention into the world. Developing a concentrated mind, body awareness and sense of emotional ease we then increase the quality of our pursuits in life. Our bodies can be imagined as a miniature version of the universe. Operating on the same principles and relationships. We begin by understanding the body and it’s relationship to experience, through this we can understand our relationship to the universe and our life as whole rather.

Zhan Zhuang - Standing like a Post, ‘Standing Meditation’ to develop physical strength and relaxation simultaneously. It is to normalize and unblock muscular and energetic patterns of movement in the body. One of the most powerful forms (but deceptively simple looking!) for developing qi and overall health. This form is a simple series of standing postures with very little movement. As we practice this set we develop sensitivity to muscular holding patterns in the body- much like peeling the layers of an onion we peel away blockages and tension for optimal movement on different levels.

Yijing Qi Gong – Balancing Fire & Water, Heaven & Earth for Spiritual Growth and Emotional Balance Based on the images of ‘Water over Fire’ and ‘Earth over Heaven’ from the Zhouyi/I Ching or ‘Book of Changes’ a Chinese classical text about the natural progressions, patterns and movements of elemental forces in the universe. It is a description of cosmic principles that has both been used as philosophy and a system of divination. This form is used to balance the major energies of the psycho-physical body: Water (Kidneys, physical, essential energy) and Fire (Heart, spiritual and emotional energies). Also addressed are the two major movement of energy Heaven (yang, upward, outward and governing energy) and Earth (yin, downward, inward and conception energy). Balancing these two  pairs- one that is individual and one that is more universal – benefits the entire body and spiritual self. The  dominant intention of this set is spiritual growth. This form is based more on symbolic movement and visualization and is less physical than the other two forms.