Traditional Wisdom + Compassionate Care

I bring my training and experience to meet you where you are in your health goals. As a practitioner, I want to address your immediate needs as well as providing care that promotes your long term well being. I am board certified in acupuncture and herbal medicine with an emphasis on chronic diseases and emotional well-being. 

Haku Taku ( bright lake) Healing & Acupuncture is a functional and integrated clinical practice founded on the tenets of traditional East Asian medicine and philosophy. Traditional health care treat the individual and their life. Illness is an expression of imbalance. Factors such as environment, lifestyle, diet, personal & family history, exercises, work & leisure- are given equal consideration in a diagnosis and treatment.  As a practitioner, I aim to understand you as more than a patient but as an individual and help you navigate well being and disease. 

I use the ancient tools of traditional medicine: herbal medicines, teas, acupuncture, warmth, cupping, gua sha, movement, meditation, inner cultivation, lifestyle change, dietary changes, divination, knowledge of seasons and their affects. In addition, I bring my practice & study as a Buddhist priest to help relate compassionately and wisely to emotions and difficulties in life. 

My use of techniques can be modified for those who are sensitive to needles and herbs as well as those who need stronger stimulation and treatment.

Chronic health issues: Autoimmune disorders, cancer & chemotherapy support, digestive disorders.

Sexual health: Menstrual irregularity, fertility, sexual dysfunctions, queer health & menopause symptoms.

Emotional balance & general well-being: supporting you through significant changes and milestones in your life or looking to maintain an already healthy life as you adjust to daily stress and aging. Depression, anxiety, fear, anger, nervousness.

Cliff stairs at Wudang Mountain, China