All sessions include a consultation period and treatment. 

Please let me know if you are seeking treatment for a particular health concern or if you are seeking a particular treatment to incorporate into your health practice. Acupuncture, herbal medicine or Five Element Spirit medicine.

Insurance: I am an out of network provider. FSA/HSA accounts accepted at all locations. 

I am happy to meet people where they are financially and discuss payment options. 

Discount provided to all ministers and faith leaders, regardless of tradition.

If you are seeking Buddhist specific practices, services or discussion only: these are always given freely. As a priest- spiritual practice cannot be sold or bought. I hold regular meditation and practice sessions at my home in Leicester. 


Phone: 415.424.8511


Located at Chung Hua Clininc

10124 San Pablo Ave. El Cerrito, CA

Mon/Wed/Fri from 10am - 4pm, by appointment only


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