Five Element Spirit Medicine

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‘In order to make all acupuncture thorough and effective one must first cure the Spirit.’ 

-Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic


The Five Elements is a fundamental way to understand what you came into this world with: a physical, emotional and spiritual constitution. The body has five major elements (fire, earth, metal, water and wood) that represent organ systems, emotional states, and bodily functions. Each hour, day, month and year is related a to greater cycle of elemental energies. An aspect of traditional East Asian medicine is to take into account time when giving treatment and diagnosing illness. Certain acupuncture points are considered activated at different times of the day as the body goes through it's natural cycles as well. By extension, the 'elemental weather' of a particular time has reaction with the elemental make up of an individual. Astrology uses the placement of planets in relationship while in this classic method of healing- cosmic cycles of time in relationship to the Earth are used. 

As part of spiritual practice and meditation, it is important to keep the body healthy and balanced. This is reflected in the practices of Taoist, Buddhist and Hindu sages through the practices that harmonize movement, breath, and intent into one. You may know these forms as qi gong, tai chi, or yoga.

The spirit and body are united in this lifetime. They exist together, without separation. To treat our body we must also take care of the spirit. If you begin meditation, over time you will notice physical sensations, blockages, and movement within the physical body. These can be due to physical changes, emotions or strong thoughts. Sensitivity to the integrated spirit-mind-body gradually develops. 

It is important to learn to still the heart, transform emotion and adjust the body. Life and practice are not one-dimensional, cultivating the various aspects of our being is a dynamic and organic process.

Learn your constitutional element, according to the Five Element system of East Asian medicine. With this information foods, herbs, types of exercise and meditations can be given to support life long physical health and spiritual practice.

Using East Asian this time divination method, observing your pulse, and discussing your concerns we can determing your natural elemental disposition. Using herbs and lifestyle changes, the Three Treasures of of Life: Essence, Energy & Spirit, can be nourished.