Aoki-san's Five Health Practices


Kazoku Aoki is the patron of a recent training I participated in held in Hawaii. She is an example of someone who made cultivating her heart, despite circumstances, into a priority. As a survivor of the atomic bomb in Japan in 1945, she has maintained near perfect health throughout her life even though she was within 1km of the impact site . Due to this she is donating her body to science in the hopes they can see why she suffered no ill effects from the massive amounts of radiation that she was exposed to. In our talk she explained to me her respect for traditional herbal medicines and the philosophy of living that East Asian medicine promotes. She has primarily utilized herbal medicines her whole life and wants to support the holistic methods of health preservation. She has lived her live giving the example of Buddhist teaching on compassion, generosity and patience.

1) The mind. Aoki-san said she harbors no anger or ill-will from the war. Maintaining a warring mind- whether with other people or inside us against the organisms that we carry - is harmful. She doesn't hold onto negative emotions and cultivates a compassionate and generous mind. Health starts inside.

2) The breath. Regulating and deeply breathing clean air are important. She practices 'kikou', a type of breathing and movement exercise everyday. This is similar to qi gong or intentional breathing with gentle movement.

3) Drinking water. Invest in a water purifier and remove contaminants from your drinking and cooking water. 

4) Five colors of food. Try to buy organic and eat whole foods. Avoid pesticides and chemicals. Eat simply and try to have a variety of colors in each meal.

5) Avoid pollutants outside and inside. Living in a clean environment is important as many of the fumes from cars, pesticides from farms, antiobiotics and manufactured chemicals in processed foods or chemicals that leech into water all destroy the other types of life in the body. Aoki-san said we need to learn to live in harmony with the other organisms we have, not constantly try to kill and control them.