Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine

These are the two mostly used methods of treatment within traditional East Asian medicine. In any given treatment I will develop a plan with you that meets your own sensitives, needs and lifestyle. Whether that is using lighter needling techniques, pills, cooked teas, herbal soaks or other types of therapies. 



Acupuncture is a form of medical care that addresses functions of the body’s organs, and their coordinating meridians specific to the Chinese notion of anatomy.   Traditional Chinese medicine organizes the body in categories of functions, processes, feelings, and qualities into organ systems that are interdependent.  A treatment is conducted by manipulating energetic pathways (a combination of nervous system, circulatory, muscular pathways) that are called collectively Meridians. A wide range of techniques can be used to calm, excite, speed up or slow down the function of a particular organ or system.

Whole Health Assessment

Assessment begins with a dialogue between patient and practitioner, and evaluation of bodily functions, emotional inventory, symptoms and lifestyle factors.  Techniques such as pulse reading, constitutional analysis and observation of face, movement, and tongue are used in conjunction.

All parts of an individual play a role in how pain, illness and disease present themselves. Symptoms are a way in which the body is compensating for an imbalance- literally the expression of adaption and an attempt to return to homeostasis.

Herbal Medicine

Herbs used in Chinese medicine are categorized by flavor, temperature, function, and which organ systems they can influence. Most formulas, which are specific combinations of these herbs, have been used consistently for hundreds to thousands of years, and have been tested by practitioner's collective experience. These formulas are constructed keeping in mind the relationship and interactions  while considering the patients’ constitution and presenting condition.  Formulas are then administered in pill, tablet, or powder (to be mixed with hot water).  In its most traditional form, herbs are raw materials such as leaves, roots and minerals, which are  boiled into a thick tea.

When used correctly there is a limited possibility of harmful side effects. While herbal medicine is natural, natural does not mean anything can be taken without consideration. Herbal medicine is used holistically not by symptom- be wary of Chinese medicine formulas sold for specific Western medical symptoms or diseases such as digestive, headaches, PMS, or back pain.